January 28th, 2017


Savage Brainstorming: Arcane Background (Warlock)

Warlocks are magicians who gain their power through making a pact with an alien intelligence that embodies one of the four classical elements. As a result, they use the mechanics of Arcane Background (Miracles). However, they cannot take Champion or Holy/Unholy Warrior, as the Good Vs. Evil premise intrinsic to these Edges is a concept foreign to elementals. A warlock must decide what type of elemental he's made a pact with. This will determine which powers can be selected.

Available Powers

Universal: banish (elementals only), elemental manipulation, summon ally (pact elementals only)
Air/Lightning: bolt, confusion, damage field, deflection, environmental protection (breathable air only), fly, illusion, intangibility, invisibility, pummel, slumber, speed, stun
Earth/Plant: armor, barrier, beast friend (terrestrial only), blast, burrow, confusion, entangle, growth, havoc, invisibility, obscure, pummel, slow
Fire: barrier, blast, blind, bolt, burst, damage field, darksight, environmental protection (fiery environments only), fear, healing, light/obscure, smite, stun
Water/Ice: barrier, beast friend (aquatic only), blast, burst, confusion, entangle, environmental protection (underwater only), fear, intangibility, obscure, pummel, stun, succor


Minor: Attacking a warlock without parleying first, failing to at least attempt to free an elemental from a non-warlock's bondage.
Major: Killing a warlock (except in self-defense), allowing an elemental to be killed.
Mortal: Allowing an elemental you summoned to be killed.

New Edge

Second Pact
Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Warlock), Smarts d6+, Spirit d8+, Faith d8+
You have made a pact with another elemental intelligence. As a result, you can now select powers from your new element's list. Should you possess any powers which the two lists share, you automatically gain the trappings of your new element. Selecting shared powers later gives you both sets of trappings. The only restriction is that your new element may not be opposed to the element from your first pact.