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sittingduck1313 [userpic]

Denmark thought they could make a kaiju movie

April 11th, 2017 (12:59 pm)
current song: Monsters of the World

So last Sunday, I along with many other Kickstarter backers got an early screening of the premiere episode of the revived Mystery Science Theater 3000. The film used was Reptilicus, the makers of which have a rather flawed understanding of how regeneration works with reptiles. Some random thoughts.

* The new doorway sequence is a treat for the eyes. However, it looks like it may be CG (not that there's anything wrong with that). If it isn't, color me impressed.

* While the Bots retain their original designs, Servo and Crow now have semi-functional arms.

* Of course there are the voice changes. The most startling is Gypsy, who has gone from Jim Mallon doing a falsetto to being performed by an actual female woman of the opposite sex.

* The film's half-baked understanding of regeneration inspired a host segment where we got multiple Servos, including Evil Servo and Southern Belle Servo.

* Some old standards that are making a return are the Invention Exchange and letter reading.

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