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sittingduck1313 [userpic]

A bit of spring cleaning

April 14th, 2011 (08:28 am)
current song: Solty Rei soundtrack

Over the years, my Savage Worlds Profiles have often featured Edges, Hindrances, and powers scrounged from the settings. More often than not, I didn't bother with labeling them as such. However, I'm now getting around to correcting this oversight. Here are the abbreviations I'll be using (in the case of Edges and Hindrances which appear in multiple settings, I use the one which was published first):

50F: 50 Fathoms
DR: Deadlands
E: Evernight
FC: Fantasy Companion
GGG: Green's Guide to Ghosts
LL: Low Life
N: Necropolis
NE: Necessary Evil
Ri: Rippers
Ru: Runepunk
Sl: Slipstream
Sp: Savagepedia
SK: Solomon Kane
ToD: Tour of Darkness

A couple of notes. Anything with a Supers tag as well as any profiles which employ the Necessary Evil/Super Powers Companion power system will not have the Edges and Hindrances from those volumes labeled as such. The same goes for anything with a Western tag as regards the same for Deadlands: Reloaded.